Satanic Cows, Not The Holy Kind

We Will Moo You To Death!

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Welcome, to Satanic Cows. If you don’t like cows or Cow Satan, then leave before we kill you. And go Moo yourself in the ass. Yeah, this community is for people that are facing depression or some shit like that and need extra laughter in their life. So pretty much we just post funny pictures, funny quotes, stories, etc etc. So enjoy.

Top Cow Satan Worshipers (Mods):half_past_nine & razz_ma_tazz

::Rules:: Follow Them Or Die!

1. This is a rating community so don’t cry if you don’t get accepted. But don’t worry it isn’t one of those shallow communities based on looks. It’s based on your humor. If you’re funny, you’re in.

2. DoNte tIpe LYke DiS! Or I will personally kill you with a shovel blow to the face.

3. All of your application must be under an LJ Cut. Auto Ban if it isn’t.

4. Subject Line must say: “In The Name Of Cow Satan”. So it proves you read this.

5. And the LJ-Cut should say, “Screw The Holy Cows, Satanic Cows Rock Out Ten Times As Hard!”

6. The Question of the application must be bold and the answer unbolded.

7. No funky italics or colors. Black is just fine.

8. If you make it in, don’t judge the person on their looks, that is retarded. If they make you laugh in their application, then give em’ a Yes.

9. All members that have been accepted are allowed to vote for new applicants. (That one was for you Anna).

10. If you have any cool color bars etc etc to add to the info page, conctact the Mods and we will see what we can do.

11. If you join the community you have 24 hours to fill out an application. And you have 24 hours for members to vote on you before you are either accepted or rejected or banned.

11. Uhm promote. And post often.

12. Enjoy.


1. Name.
2. Age.
3. Location.

4. Shoe Size.
5. Eye Color.
6. Favorite Teacher and Why.

7. Ok enough with the stupid shit.

8. Tell us a funny story that happened to you at school.

9. Tell us a funny story that happened to you in a store.

10. Tell us a funny story that happened…..just that happened. But remember to tell us where. And if it happened on the Moon, don’t tell us. Because only Garrett has ever been to the Moon.

11. Enough with funny stories.

12. Post a Funny Picture. Two if you are cool.

13. Guess the capital of the country of Yoco-Man-Fucka-Milk.

14. Do you like Family Guy? (This Is Crucial, at least 32% of your application is riding on this question).

15. If you like Family Guy, who is your favorite character and why?

16. Name some of your favorite shows. Eh name 4 and a half. I’m serious too.

17. Fill in the Blanks: “Your Mom stuck a _____ up your _____ on _____.”

18. Uhm. What is your favorite thing to do with cheese?

19. What’s the craziest thing you ever done?

20. That’s it. Await your sentencing BEE YATCH!


Your Mom.


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Family Guy is Hilarious Love

Brian is Love

Chris Griffin is Love

Lois Griffin is Love

Meg Griffin is Who? Love

Peter Griffin is Love

Stewie is Evil Love