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in the name of the santanic cow, holy ghost and garrett's french horn-vicki.


1. Name. Ashley
2. Age.16
3. Location.Fetonville, home of ME.

4. Shoe Size. 7.5,8, 8.5
5. Eye Color. blue
6. Favorite Teacher and Why. Perkins, cause he is the best teacher I've ever had. Shut UP Garrett.

7. Ok enough with the stupid shit. No, I want to keep going. I'm 5'1" and I have brown hair. I like music. Had enough?

8. Tell us a funny story that happened to you at school. Hm one time I had an 11 hour practice for Oklahoma.

9. Tell us a funny story that happened to you in a store. I bought something.

10. Tell us a funny story that happened…..just that happened. But remember to tell us where. And if it happened on the Moon, don’t tell us. Because only Garrett has ever been to the Moon. Hm one time at BW3's Garrett offened the waiter by asking if his picture looked liek a turtle and there was a drawing Melis did of a fat man that looked like our waiter but wasn't. HAHAHA

11. Enough with funny stories. NO! Damn you.

12. Post a Funny Picture. Two if you are cool. No.

13. Guess the capital of the country of Yoco-Man-Fucka-Milk. Your mom.

14. Do you like Family Guy? (This Is Crucial, at least 32% of your application is riding on this question). NO NO NO. By the way I don't get "accepted" I will KILL.

15. If you like Family Guy, who is your favorite character and why? You, because you look like Lois.

16. Name some of your favorite shows. Eh name 4 and a half. I’m serious too. Alias, House, Desperate Housewives, the OC, Extreme Homemakeover and Ever[wood]

17. Fill in the Blanks: “Your Mom stuck a _____ up your _____ on _____.” pinecone, nose, saturday

18. Uhm. What is your favorite thing to do with cheese? Put it in mashed potatoes.

19. What’s the craziest thing you ever done? Stayed up all night eating pizza and calling Garrett

20. That’s it. Await your sentencing BEE YATCH! HAHAHAHA. I better make it.
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