Gross. (___pretend) wrote in satanic_cows,

“In The Name Of Cow Satan”.


1. Name.
2. Age. Fifteen
3. Location. Horrible Dublin Ohio! We have a statue of dancing bunnies, and a field of concrete corn.

Exibit A.
Image hosted by

4. Shoe Size. UH....something or other around 11.5
5. Eye Color. Sometimes blue or green or gray (or grey?) or a mix of all or 2.
6. Favorite Teacher and Why. Bob Gibson. Because He's my band director and is crazy, funny, nice, awesome, and every other positive adjective.

7. Ok enough with the stupid shit.

8. Tell us a funny story that happened to you at school.
So, I came in to school late due to being sick or something, so I was just wearing comfy pants and these slidey sandals. I was walking up the main stars infront of hundereds of people and tripped and slid on my shoes/pants and fell down a few steps.

9. Tell us a funny story that happened to you in a store. Uhh...I don't think anything funny has happened to me in a store.

10. Tell us a funny story that happened…..just that happened. But remember to tell us where. And if it happened on the Moon, don’t tell us. Because only Garrett has ever been to the Moon. I'm jealous Garrett. But anyway, at age 3, my brother was running in Meijer and ran right into a cart and got three stitches. a year or two later he flug a slingshot at himself in the exact same spot.
11. Enough with funny stories.

12. Post a Funny Picture. Two if you are cool.So these aren't really funny.
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

13. Guess the capital of the country of Yoco-Man-Fucka-Milk. Moo.

14. Do you like Family Guy? (This Is Crucial, at least 32% of your application is riding on this question). MY FAVORITE SHOW.

15. If you like Family Guy, who is your favorite character and why? uhh...Peter? just because.

16. Name some of your favorite shows. Eh name 4 and a half. I’m serious too. 1. Big Brother 2. Will and Grace 3.Joan of Arcadia 4.That 70's show .5 CSI:

17. Fill in the Blanks:</b> “Your Mom stuck a pickle up your nose on Valentine's Day!?

18. Uhm. What is your favorite thing to do with cheese? Break it into tiny pieces and eat it!

19. What’s the craziest thing you ever done? I don't really do crazy things. I'm not a "risk taker" person.

20. That’s it. Await your sentencing BEE YATCH!
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