Nick (loserguitarist4) wrote in satanic_cows,

In the Name of Cow Satan

1. Name. Sir Robin, of Camelot. (But they call me Nick.)
2. Age. 15
3. Location. The dark depths of your mom.

4. Shoe Size. 9 1/2
5. Eye Color. Blue, Green, etc. etc.
6. Favorite Teacher and Why. Brian Griffin, for his classic renactment of Romeo and Juliet.

7. Ok enough with the stupid shit. Sounds like a plan.

8. Tell us a funny story that happened to you at school. Alright, I consulted the Great Bovine Guru Garrett, and he told me that band camp counted as school. So this one morning, Garrett would not get up and out of bed. So Jacob and Adam left as I was getting ready and such, and as they left, Jacob slammed the door, and a fire extinguisher fell from the impact, and sprayed all over Garrett’s stuff.

9. Tell us a funny story that happened to you in a store. Well this one time, Garrett, Anna, Brijit, and I went to Wal-Mart for some good clean fun, and we all jumped into a container of bean bag pillow things.

10. Tell us a funny story that happened…..just that happened. But remember to tell us where. And if it happened on the Moon, don’t tell us. Because only Garrett has ever been to the Moon. At Lisa’s house, way out in the middle of nowhere…

Garrett: We’re like in the middle of nowhere.
Lisa’s Mom: No were not.
Garrett: We’re like 6 miles away from civilization, I mean, come one, we live next to the dead people.

11. Enough with funny stories. Aw… Poo…

12. Post a Funny Picture. Two if you are cool.

Image hosted by

13. Guess the capital of the country of Yoco-Man-Fucka-Milk. Your-mom-the-cow.

14. Do you like Family Guy? (This Is Crucial, at least 32% of your application is riding on this question). Is that question nessecery. Who doesn’t like Family Guy?

15. If you like Family Guy, who is your favorite character and why? Anyone really… except Meg. I hate her with a blinding fury.

16. Name some of your favorite shows. Eh name 4 and a half. I’m serious too. Family Guy, Futurama, Cowboy Bebop, Robot Chicken, and Aqua Teen ****** *****. (I stopped halfway. For all you know some mutant bear/fish came and bit off my arms and legs. Ah I’ll live, it’s only a flesh wound.)

17. Fill in the Blanks: “Your Mom stuck a Roman candle up your ass on Christmas Eve.”

18. Uhm. What is your favorite thing to do with cheese? Uhm… Long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, and maybe a carnival.

19. What’s the craziest thing you ever done? I once got naked at Anna’s house and ran around outside.

20. That’s it. Await your sentencing BEE YATCH!
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